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The Recovery Village Difference

Don’t face your addiction alone. Learn why patients choose The Recovery Village Kansas City to begin their addiction recovery and get their lives back.

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center?

Since 2013 we’ve helped thousands take control of their lives again. You can overcome drug and alcohol addiction with the help of our caring experts and individualized, evidence-based addiction treatment.


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Our Amenities

Patients can reflect, connect with peers and develop hobbies that encourage their long-term recovery with our recreational amenities.

Exercise gym
Full-court outdoor basketball court
Rec room
Video Games
Cable TV
Ping Pong
Outdoor pavilions
Art therapy

Our Core Beliefs

At The Recovery Village Kansas City, our team believes: 

  • Anyone can recover from addiction or poor mental health.
  • Everyone deserves respectful and compassionate treatment.
  • Evidence-based methods built on well-researched techniques can treat addiction and mental health disorders. 
  • Addiction’s physical and mental causes should be treated in tandem.
  • Long-lasting recovery requires dedication and commitment.

Our Patient-Centric Approach to Rehabilitation

It’s time to get your life back. We offer the medical care, support and tools you need to begin a substance-free life. We personalize your evidence-based care plan to meet your needs and circumstances.

Our expert team stays ahead of complications in your recovery by identifying and addressing setbacks in real-time. We’ll monitor substance cravings, depression symptoms, anxiety levels and sleep quality to help you stay on track.

Get Help Now

Whether you’re calling for yourself or someone you love, our Recovery Advocates can answer your questions today.

Our Specialties

We address your unique needs with evidence-based medical care.

Insurance Verification

Explore your insurance policy and find an addiction treatment program your provider covers.

  • How Insurance Covers Rehab
  • Verifying your Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse
  • Understanding Your Coverage and Benefits
  • In-network vs. Out-of-network Insurance Coverage
  • Paying for Rehab Without Insurance

Our Team’s Experience

The Recovery Village Kansas City has full-time, licensed staff dedicated to helping every patient reach their goals in recovery.

Our board-certified medical director leads a team of caring physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors and behavioral health experts. Our professionals are passionate about what they do, knowing that everyone who enters our facility is more than their addiction.

Addiction Medicine Doctors

Behavioral Health

Therapists &

Behavioral Health

Our Addiction Treatment Team

Treatment at The Recovery Village Kansas City is led by experienced addiction specialists dedicated to providing top-quality, effective treatment.

Lisa St. Aubyn

Executive Director

Dr. Brian Barash

Medical Director

It’s Time To Get Your Life Back

We’re available to answer questions, confirm your insurance benefits and schedule personalized treatment that works for you.