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Aftercare at The Recovery Village Kansas City

Aftercare planning helps you build a supportive network, prevent relapse, and live the life you deserve.

What Is Aftercare?

As you complete your treatment program at The Recovery Village Kansas City, our team provides you with the resources and peer support you need for ongoing recovery. We tailor your aftercare plan to your specific needs for the best chance of post-rehab success. 

Am I ready for aftercare?

A personalized aftercare plan is essential to continued recovery after addiction treatment. Signs that you’re ready for aftercare include: 

  • You’ve completed the medical detox process. 
  • You’ve completed an intensive level of care, such as an inpatient program. 
  • You’re committed to recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. 
  • You feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol.
  • You’ve gained the tools needed to continue recovery outside of rehab.our own.

Goals of Aftercare

Relapse is common throughout recovery, but having an aftercare plan can lower your risk. Aftercare plans help clients:

  • Use learned skills to resist triggers outside of rehab.
  • Continue working on sobriety with counselors and sponsors.
  • Stay accountable by building a solid support system.
  • Foster relationships and participate in activities that promote healthy living. 
  • Pursue professional and personal goals.

What To Expect In Our Aftercare Program

Aftercare planning begins on your first day of treatment. Our team works closely with your case manager to create a comprehensive aftercare plan tailored to your needs. 

Individualized aftercare plans may include relapse prevention tools, referrals for additional medical or therapeutic care, local support group information, and other recovery resources.

Relapse prevention plan

Medical & therapeutic referrals

Teletherapy with Nobu, our mental wellness app

Local recovery resources

Speak With A Recovery Advocate

Our Recovery Advocates can answer your questions and get you the help you need to get your life back.

Explore Other Levels of Care

Our full continuum of treatment options and personalized treatment plans ensure each client gets professional care that meets their needs.