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Medical Detox in Kansas City

Don’t face withdrawal alone. Medical detox at The Recovery Village Kansas City makes withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible to help you avoid relapse during detox.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is the first step in addiction recovery. Uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms can occur as the body rids itself of alcohol and drugs. Individualized treatment plans and around-the-clock supervision by our trained medical staff create a safe environment for medical detox and reduce the chance of relapse.

Is medical detox right for me?

You may need medical detox if you show these signs of physical dependence:

  • You have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time or use large amounts.
  • You need to take more drugs or alcohol to get the same effect as before.
  • You have some consistency and stability with your sobriety.
  • You feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol.
  • You have tried to stop using drugs or alcohol but couldn’t stop on your own.

What To Expect In Our Medical Detox Program

Our expert medical staff develops individualized treatment plans to ensure your safety and comfort during medical detox. Addiction medications are used in some cases to manage withdrawal symptoms.

During medical detox, you’ll be closely monitored as your body rids itself of drugs or alcohol, and an experienced medical team will help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. You’ll work with an addiction professional to prepare for the next phase of recovery.

A safe, substance-free environment

24/7 medical monitoring

Treatment for withdrawal symptoms

Medication-Assisted Treatment (when appropriate)

Speak With Admissions

Speak with a Recovery Advocate who can answer your questions and get started in our medical detox and rehab program.

Using Insurance for Medical Detox

The Recovery Village Kansas City is in-network with most national and local insurance companies. Verify your insurance coverage in minutes with our online verification form. If you don’t have insurance, our Recovery Advocates are available to discuss private pay options.

FAQs About Medical Detox

How long does detox take?

How long medical detox takes depends on many factors, including the type and amount of substance used, how often substances are used and each patient’s overall health. In most cases, medical detox lasts for 4–10 days.

Can I detox at home?

Detoxing at home can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Medically detoxing at a facility where immediate medical care is available around the clock is best. Withdrawal symptoms from substances like alcohol and benzodiazepines may be fatal without prompt medical attention

Does medical detox work?

Yes, medical detox works to rid your body of drugs or alcohol in a safe and supervised environment, but it’s only the first recovery step. Once your body is free of harmful substances, rehabilitation treatment is necessary to stay drug and alcohol-free.

Will I receive methadone, Suboxone, etc., during detox?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is used by our clinical staff when medically appropriate. After careful evaluation, trained professionals at our facility will decide if MAT is needed.

How can I pay for medical detox?

Your insurance provider may entirely or partially pay for your medical detox. If you don’t have insurance, Recovery Advocates at The Recovery Village Kansas City are available to discuss private pay options.

Will I lose my job if I attend medical detox?

Your job may be protected by several laws when you participate in medical detox and rehab, if you qualify.

Explore Other Levels of Care

The Recovery Village Kansas City offers a full continuum of care for continued success after medical detox. We can help you find the appropriate level of care to meet your individual needs.